Prof. Dr. Uğur

Uğur Özbek was graduated from Istanbul University, Cerrahpaşa Medical Faculty in 1986. He received PhD degree on Cancer Genetics at Oncology Institute, Istanbul University in 1995. He also received Medical Genetics Specialization at the same University in 2006. He worked at Gaslini Institue, Genoa in 1994 for molecular defects in Neuroblastoma and later at St. Gerardo Hospital, Milan in 1996 for molecular diagnostics of pediatric leukemias. During the years of 1998-2000, he has worked at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, Genetics Department in Memphis as postdoctoral research fellow on molecular genetics of leukomogenesis. In 1997 he became Associate Professor in Basic Oncology and in 2003 he became full Professor in Genetics. He has been awarded Querido Chair professorship at Erasmus University Medical Faculty, given on behalf of its founder A. Querido. Entitled by this award, he has given lectures on “Migration, health and genetics” at Erasmus University in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, for the periods of 2006-2007. He worked as a faculty member at Istanbul University Institute of Experimental Medicine, Genetics Department between 1994-2016. In this period, he pursued duties that consist of being a member in Forensic Medicine Council, as a consultant in Forensic Biology Department; a faculty member and director of Istanbul University Health Sciences Institute Genetics Graduate Program and the director of Institute of Experimental Medicine, Istanbul University. He started to work at Istanbul Acıbadem University, School of Medicine in 2016. Currently he is serving as director of Health Sciences Institute and chair of Medical Genetics Department. In 2017 he has been established, first in kind, Center for Rare and Undiagnosed Diseases at Acibadem University-ACURARE. He is working as scientific advisory committee member at Health Institutes of Turkey (TUSEB) since 2016. He is also national coordinator for Orphanet in Turkey since 2006. As of 2023, H-index: 36 (230 publications in WoS, 4697 citations). https://scholar.google.com.tr/citations?view_op=list_works&hl=tr&hl=tr&user=VxukIlUAAAAJ His research interests include delineation of the genetics and molecular biological mechanisms underlying childhood and adult hereditary cancers/hematological malignancies and rare/undiagnosed diseases.