When are the calls for the NanoBio4Can Programme scheduled?

Call Terms Call Opening Date Call Closing Date

1st Call

15 March 2024

30 May 2024

What is the duration of validity for the requested English proficiency certificate? Is there an option to initially submit an existing certificate and subsequently provide an updated one?

The English proficiency certificate must be current, with a validity of two years. Candidates who are unable to furnish a current English proficiency certificate by May 30, 2024, will be conditionally accepted until the date of the interview.

How many fellowships will the program fund, and in how many calls will they be distributed?

The programme will fund 24 fellowships, distributed in 2 calls, 12 fellowships in each call

Is it possible to apply if one has lived or worked in Turkey previously?

Applicants interested in NanoBio4Can must not have lived or engaged in their primary activities (work, studies, etc.) in Turkey for more than 12 months in the three years immediately preceding the call deadline.

Can an individual apply without a doctoral degree?

Researchers involved in the programme must have a doctoral degree. Researchers who have successfully defended their doctoral thesis but who have not yet formally been awarded the doctoral degree will also be considered as postdoctoral researchers and will be considered eligible to apply.

What type of PhD is required for eligibility?

Research areas may include Molecular Biology, Genetics, Bioengineering, Biochemistry, Biotechnology, Pharmacology, Physics, Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Computer Engineering, Computational Biology (or Bioinformatics), Materials Science, Polymer Science, Mathematics, Electrical and Electronics Engineering, or closely related fields.

Is an official translation required for a PhD degree?

Degree certificates not originally issued in Turkish or English must be officially translated into either of these two languages by sworn translation and approved accordingly.

How does the application process work, and where should applications be submitted?

Submit your applications through the NanoBio4Can program's website. Please carefully review the details provided in the "Application Process" section.

Is it permissible to submit more than one application in each call?

No more than one application is permitted per participant.

How can applicants contact scientists interested in hosting a fellowship?

Within the "Supervisors" section of the Nanobio4Can webpage, you can discover the list of the PIs and their short biographies. For each supervisor, the key research line and secondment opportunities offered are outlined in the "Guide for Applicant" document.

Is it allowed to update the application after submission?

No changes or modifications will be entertained after the deadline for the call. However, selected applicants invited for an interview will have the opportunity to incorporate additional information during their presentations.

Are referees mandatory, and how many reference letters are required?

Applicants should upload the reference letters (at least 3) in the field provided, one must be from the thesis supervisor. For each letter, you will need to indicate the contact details of the persons signing the letter(s). Note that reference letters, if provided, will be evaluated during the interview phase.

What are the requirements for the Motivation Letter and CV?

It is essential to utilize the CV and Motivation Letter template available in the “Call Documents” section of this webpage. This template includes key information that will be considered during the evaluation process.

How can one prove compliance with the international mobility rule?

You are required to submit a mobility rule declaration in the application process. Non-Turkish candidates are required to submit certified copies of documents such as tax certificates, rental contracts, and utility bills as evidence of residence to demonstrate compliance with the relevant mobility rule. The provided documents should span a minimum of 3 years for the standard mobility rule and must include the full name and address.

Turkish citizens should upload certified copies of border entry and exit records, obtainable through the e-devlet application.

Where are the interviews held during the selection process?

The interviews will take place in an virtual format.

Can interviews be conducted in any other language than English?

No, interviews will exclusively be conducted in the English language.

How are applicants informed about the status of their application?

Candidates will receive updates on the progress at every stage of the process. Email will be the primary mode of communication throughout the procedure.

Is there a process for lodging complaints about evaluation results?

Certainly, if you believe there has been an error in the selection process that could impact your eligibility check or evaluation outcome, you have the option to request a redress procedure. Additional details can be found in the “Redress Procedure” section for more information.

What is the monthly gross salary for fellows, and is there relocation support?

An amount of €3.980 per month gross salary covering fellows all expenses linked to their living and mobility. (i.e. income tax, social security coverage including benefits for health care, occupational accident, unemployment and disablement benefits, paid parental and sick leave as well as relocation and travel expenses including secondment visits). Please note that all these expenses based on Turkish laws and regulations can reach up to 50% of the total gross salary.

When is the fellowship expected to commence?

The fellowship for the inaugural group of researchers is scheduled to commence in December 2024.

What language is used for research activities at NanoBio4Can, and is proficiency in other languages required?

NanoBio4Can is an international program, and proficiency in English is a prerequisite for effective collaboration within the fellowship.