Assoc. Prof. Sibel

Sibel CETINEL, Ph.D., is a Principal Researcher at Sabanci University – Nanotechnology Research and Application Center since 2019. She received her doctorate degree at 2013 on Molecular Biology, Genetics and Biotechnology at Istanbul Technical University following a Medical Biology education. That year, she joined Ingenuity Lab at University of Alberta, Canada as a post-doctoral fellow. After two years, she became a research associate in the same group and worked as both Biology Lab manager and team leader for Biomining and Eye Health projects until 2018. She has been working with inorganic binding peptides for many years not only for their selection but mainly also for their applications on nanotechnology such as biosensor platforms. More recently, she adapted peptides to nanomedicine as recognition elements, structural modulators such as β-sheet breakers, self-assembled scaffold materials and drug delivery systems. Accordingly, her lab is conducting cutting-edge research on ocular drug delivery (anti-angiogenetic, anti-microbial), tissue engineering (cornea, bone) and biomarker detection (discovery of therapeutic peptide/protein/Ab agents).