Assoc. Prof. Meral
Yüce Kurt

She received her Ph.D. in Biotechnology from the Institute of Biotechnology, Ankara University, Turkey (2011). Her professional research career started in 2011 at SUNUM, focusing on analytical method development for low-cost and robust biosensor platforms for environmental monitoring and health applications. She was a visiting scientist at the Institute of Biotechnology and Chemical Engineering, Cambridge University, UK (2010-2011) and MonoJO Antibody Production Company, Jordan (2010-2011). She also conducted complementary research projects at Leeds University (UK) as a British Council Fellow (2012-2013) and at Imperial College London as an EMBO-ST Fellow (2017). She has over fifty peer-reviewed publications from various national and international projects and has supervised over twenty undergraduate and graduate students, post-docs and technical personnel. She is currently a senior principal investigator at SUNUM, and an affiliated visiting scientist at Imperial College London.