Assoc. Prof. İlke

Assoc. Prof. Ilke Gurol received her BSc at Chemical and Metallurgical Engineering Faculty of Istanbul Technical University, Turkiye. She is currently working as an associate professor at TUBİTAK Marmara Research Center in Turkiye. Her researches are mainly based on bio and chemical sensor technologies. Her studies is including as Chief Senior Researcher a process that includes sensor surface preparation, synthesis of sensor molecules, coating on the sensor surface and measurement, starting from clean room processes. In addition, synthesis and characterization of stable ligands, MOF (Metal Organic Frameworks), COP (Covalent Organic Polymers), 2D materials, the synthesis of macrocyclic compounds and their alkaline and transition metal complexes and investigated of chemical sensor properties them. Her researches is included biosensor applications using nanomaterials and 2D materials, also. She is and has been involved in several research projects and networks funded by national bodies and COST project. She has published 58 papers.