Assoc. Prof. Feray

Dr. Feray Bakan received her PhD degree in chemical engineering from Ataturk University, Turkiye in 2011. She was awarded with post-doctoral fellowship from the Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TUBİTAK) and worked as a post-doctoral researcher at Department of Physics, Sabancı University, Turkey from 2011 to 2013. She is currently working as a researcher at Sabancı University Nanotechnology Research and Application Center (SUNUM). Her research interests focus on bioceramic nanomaterials’ synthesis and their health-related applications ranging from bone fracture healing to drug delivery systems. As a principal investigator, Dr. Bakan conducted several national and international projects on biomedical nanomaterials. Her research focus is on the integration of stimuli-responsive materials enhance the controlled release of drugs in response to specific physiological conditions, such as pH, temperature, or enzymatic activity.