Dr. Aylin
Özdemir Bahadır

Dr. Aylin Ozdemir Bahadir was born in Turkiye in 1973. She took the Bachelor of Science degree in Biology from Middle East Technical University, Ankara, Turkiye in 1996. Then she got her master degree from İstanbul University, Biophysics Department in 1999. She got her phD degre from Science Institute of Marmara University, İstanbul. She still works as chief researcher at the Medical Biotechnology of the Vice Presidency of Life Sciences, TUBITAK, Marmara Research Center, since 2004.
She has experience in mammalian cell culture, cell line development, antibody engineering, phage display technology, molecular biology and recombinant protein and antibody purification. Research projects experience includes the development of antio-angiogenic peptides and recombinant antibodies for cancer therapy, biopharmaceutical production in mammalian cells.

She has one international patent, entitled “Recombinant antibody structures binding to and blocking the activity of vascular endothelial growth factor-2 (VEGFR-2/KDR)” where two anti-angiogenic recombinant antibodies with a potential anti-cancer properties are expected to be protected.